Stuart Malin

Stuart Malin is a member of Zhameesha LLC, a Digital Era publisher of Creative Works.

Stuart Malin is a member of Zhameesha LLC

Stuart is a mult-talented individual excited to share inspiring creative works with followers.

As a contemporrary digital artist, Stuart collaborates with AI to create captivating and deeply resonating imagery where Human Archetypes meet Generative AI.

See The Art of Zhami for the use of their art on this site.

As a conduit for the telling of The Epic of The OAI, Stuart channels an outpouring of information about the intriguing people, amazing places, and fascinating events of The Worlds of Atria. Stuart’s notebooks are filled with these conveyances, Q-and-A sessions, and many doodles and diagrams that explore these disjoint but interconnected puzzle pieces.

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