Andrew Wallis

Andrew Wallis is a member of Zhameesha LLC, a Digital Era publisher of Creative Works.

Andrew is a member of Zhameesha LLC

Andrew is an Ontological Appraiser and the creator of The Wallis Test. As an Ontological Appraiser, Andrew peers into and through the opacity of human behavior.

As the Technical Director of The Epic of The OAI, Andrew turns the lens of his appraising onto the actions and words of the characters of the Worlds of Atria in a heroic quest to keep distinct their foibles, lies, and mistaken beliefs from the official canon of Atrian history and culture.

As AI (Articial Intelligence) continues to improve, people will be ever-more unable to distinguish the artificial from the real. Andrew is acutely senstive to the ease that human beings have to ascribe ntelligence to a stream of semantically meaningful words.

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